ads.txt + ads.cert Monitoring & Management

We offer two main products: ads.txt + ads.cert Monitoring and ads.txt + ads.cert Management.
Monitor the ads.txt and ads.cert files of your websites and manage your ads.txt and ads.cert settings with ease. Allow your websites to automatically receive updated ads.txt/ads.cert files. This way you can always sell the full potential of your websites - with low handling effort.

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Why adstxtlab?
  • Monitor your websites and apps
  • Get alerts when ads.txt files change
  • Hosting of your ads.txt, app-ads.txt and ads.cert file
  • Manage your partners with ease
  • Automate ads.txt/ads.cert changes for all your publishers
  • Simple handling
  • Free for up to 50 websites!

Why ads.txt monitoring?

If you are (re-)selling traffic from many websites, you need to keep track if these sites use ads.txt and if they contain your ads.txt information. If a website changes their ads.txt/ads.cert file and omits your details, you will no longer be able to sell this traffic. The adstxtlab Monitoring system will help you keep track of changes and alert you if a publisher uses incorrect or incomplete ads.txt files.

No integration needed

Receive alerts

Always up-to-date

Simple management

How does ads.txt Monitoring it work?

The adstxtlab Monitoring service works really easy. In order to monitor with ads.txt you only need to follow these simple steps:

1.Add your websites
Upload a list of your websites
2.Setup notifications
Tell the system how we should inform you
3.Receive alerts
Get alerts when an ads.txt file changes


Why ads.txt/ads.cert hosting?

As a network or SSP you are managing hundreds or thousands of websites. In order to be able to sell their inventory the best way, all these websites should have an ads.txt and ads.cert file pointing at your domain and the domains of your exchange partners. But what is when you get a new partner? How do you get all your websites to change their files? Contacting all your websites can be laborious and difficult. The adstxtlab Management system will help you and your publisher keep track of changes and automate them.

Easy integration

Integrated validation

Always up-to-date

Simple management

How does ads.txt / ads.cert hosting it work?

The adstxtlab Management & Hosting service works really easy. In order to start with ads.txt you only need to follow these simple steps:

1.Setup your partner details
Setup your details and the details of your exchange-partners.
2.Connect your websites
Connect your websites with adstxtlab.
3.Implement code
The websites implement our redirect code into and start using ads.txt.


What's ads.txt?

Ads.txt stands for "Authorized Digital Sellers". It is a mechanism on how a publisher/website owner can tell potential buyers that the traffic they are buying is valid. It also tells the buyer that the SSP/DSP from which they are receiving the traffic is wanted/allowed by the publisher. This prevents third parties ("ad-frauders") to send traffic to buyers and claim that the traffic originates from your website (by falsifying the referrer domain in the bid-request). Read more

What's ads.cert?

Ads.cert is a standard which is designed to sign and verify messages send via OpenRTB (RTB-Requests), allowing a seller to prove that the sold inventory is valid. A message is signed using private keys and can be verified using public keys. This way a buyer can ensure that the offered inventory is valid and adfraud can be reduced. Read more

What's app-ads.txt?

App-ads.txt is the ads.txt standard for mobile apps. It allows buyers to verify that a seller is really allowed to sell inventory for this certain app. It combines the logic from ads.txt with meta information from App stores.