ads.cert Management

Coming soon: Creating and managing ads.cert files can be a difficult task: You need to create, update and revoke public and private keys and certificates and need to manage adskeyindex.txt files and ads-cert.txt. All this can be done automated and with a few clicks by our ads.cert Management System!

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Why adstxtlab?
  • Create & revoke private & public keys (*.pem-Files)
  • Distribute key files via secure CDN
  • Automatically update ads-cert.txt and adskeyindex.txt files
  • Manage your partners with ease
  • Automate changes for all your publishers
  • Simple handling
  • Free for up to 50 websites!

What's ads.txt?

Ads.txt stands for "Authorized Digital Sellers". It is a mechanism on how a publisher/website owner can tell potential buyers that the traffic they are buying is valid. It also tells the buyer that the SSP/DSP from which they are receiving the traffic is wanted/allowed by the publisher. This prevents third parties ("ad-frauders") to send traffic to buyers and claim that the traffic originates from your website (by falsifying the referrer domain in the bid-request). Read more

What's ads.cert?

Ads.cert is a standard which is designed to sign and verify messages send via OpenRTB (RTB-Requests), allowing a seller to prove that the sold inventory is valid. A message is signed using private keys and can be verified using public keys. This way a buyer can ensure that the offered inventory is valid and adfraud can be reduced. Read more

What's app-ads.txt?

App-ads.txt is the ads.txt standard for mobile apps. It allows buyers to verify that a seller is really allowed to sell inventory for this certain app. It combines the logic from ads.txt with meta information from App stores.