ads.txt Report

adstxtlab crawled more than 2,000,000 domains in order to see how far the adoption of ads.txt already is. The data is now available via global and country specific reports.

Report: Global ads.txt usage

For our global report we analyzed more than 2 million domains all over the world. The result shows how much ads.txt is already adopted in the market.

You can download the full report here (PDF, 570kb)


Report: Country report on ads.txt usage

For our country reports we analyzed country specific domains like .de or .fr. The result shows how much ads.txt is already adopted in the market.

Germany: download the full report here (PDF, 507kb)

Need report for other countries? Please get in touch with us.


Press info

The reports above may be used in your press releases or news articles. If you use our material, please send us a short info where and how you are using it. If you need further material or have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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What's ads.txt?

Ads.txt stands for "Authorized Digital Sellers". It is a mechanism on how a publisher/website owner can tell potential buyers that the traffic they are buying is valid. It also tells the buyer that the SSP/DSP from which they are receiving the traffic is wanted/allowed by the publisher. This prevents third parties ("ad-frauders") to send traffic to buyers and claim that the traffic originates from your website (by falsifying the referrer domain in the bid-request). Read more

What's ads.cert?

Ads.cert is a standard which is designed to sign and verify messages send via OpenRTB (RTB-Requests), allowing a seller to prove that the sold inventory is valid. A message is signed using private keys and can be verified using public keys. This way a buyer can ensure that the offered inventory is valid and adfraud can be reduced. Read more

What's app-ads.txt?

App-ads.txt is the ads.txt standard for mobile apps. It allows buyers to verify that a seller is really allowed to sell inventory for this certain app. It combines the logic from ads.txt with meta information from App stores.